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Enagic® Kangen Water

All water is NOT created equal...

Kangen Water Demo (Part 1)

Kangen Water Demo (Part 2)

Colon Cleansing

with Kangen Water

Interesting... What do doctors say?

How is this different from Alkaline water?

Kangen Water Improves Athletic Performance

Ok, enough videos. I want some scientific studies!

(Many of these are Pubmed articles. Click on any of the titles below...)

My Story

Tristin, you're a singer, and an actress, and a dancer... why would you go into a direct sales network marketing business selling water machines? 

Why? Because I have to. Because you don't know how good you can feel until you try the water. You don't know what kind of enjoyable life you can have until you try the water and do the business. You don't know that you are slowly poisoning your body until you do. I want to help people become the best versions of themselves. I want to empower people, motivate them, help them take back their lives, and have some control over their own well being. Life is short, and I remember when I was younger it was all about me. It was all about becoming a star and being famous. As I have been gracefully (cough cough) growing older I have transitioned my focus onto making a greater impact on other people's lives. I want to know that I helped change their lives for the better and that they are grateful for every day just as I am grateful for what I have learned, experienced, and changed about my life. And I also want to make a positive impact on the planet. We are poisoning and polluting this great Earth and the creatures we co-exist with on it. I want my life to mean something, and I want to surround myself with like-minded people who want the same thing. Positivity promotes productivity!


I was first introduced to the water at the Rock N Roll Marathon in Seattle in June of 2018 by a passionate and persistent, Mr. Dan Edland. He kept talking about how he gets all his energy from this water that he drinks... the magical, Kangen Water. I had my reservations - I was NOT going to join another MLM company nor be scammed into buying an absurdly expensive water ionizer! However, I was still very intrigued about this water, after all water is essential to life. Everybody needs it. Everybody drinks it. As a health, fitness, and nutrition aficionado I was already well versed on superfoods, herbs, supplements, minerals, vitamins, etc. and how they affect the body, and I had a strong passion for it. I had already done a lot of self-experimentation and thorough research on various diets, learning a lot about what can help you naturally in nature. (My family made fun of me so many times for buying them cacao, goji berries, earthing mats, acupressure mats, himalayan sea salt lamps, essential oils, ashwaganda, turmeric, gynostema, mold free coffee, acupressure mats, healing cyrstals, concentrated mct oil, glutathione, aloe vera, a variety of teas, all natural this, organic that, non gmo this, grass fed that, really hippie dippie earth mother stuff, etc.) So when he was explaining the water to me and I could feel and hear his passion I knew I was talking with a kindred spirit. So with a combination of my intrigue and his passion, persistence, and clear knowledge I ended up being a diligent religious Kangen water drinker filling up my gallon jugs for about 2 weeks (and feeling extremely hydrated like never before) whilst learning more and more about how either a) awful our other water options are or b) how unsatisfactory they are. All water is not created equal folks. And if you've gotten this far and still don't believe me, I'm hoping that this photo will start to shake off some of that skepticism... 

On the left is me at 160 lbs. still a happy positive beautiful girl who worked out every day and was very into eating healthy, making better choices, learning everything I could about nutrition, fitness, health, and wellness. Around this time I began thinking and accepting that this was just going to be my body for the rest of my life. I had begun to lose hope and gave up trying. I figured my body just decided it was time for me to have kids and I wasn't going to be a fit, sexy, healthy woman again... However... on the right is me at 130 lbs after drinking the Kangen water and nothing else (no more milk, bottled water, or tap water) for a little over a month. I lost 8lbs in my first 2 weeks drinking the water! I changed nothing else! And I had quite a lot of less than desirable bowel movements for those 2 weeks (and I've had 3 colonics done before!). I also just noticed that I felt better. Less anxiety, less stress, better mood, more calm (but vibrant), more energy throughout the entire day, no more brain fog, etc. and my sugar cravings started going away! Do you guys realize how much easier it is to lose body fat when you don't have those strong uncontrollable cravings for sugar and processed sweets? We all know by now that they are bad for us and detrimental to our health, but sugar is more addicting than cocaine! To have that cease was a miracle in itself! Just a few short months before I got on the water I remember not being able to stop myself from eating Oreos and milk. My go-to "treat." I don't even want treats now because my insulin sensitivity has increased so much that if I eat that garbage I feel it and it doesn't feel good. 


Now many of you probably don't know this but I also used to smoke a lot of marijuana (it's legal in Washington). Not only is everything you smoke very carcinogenic, but marijuana, in particular, does a great job at making you hungry and eating more food than you need to. They call it getting "the munchies." I was so addicted to pot (and singing its praises) that I was actually afraid to get pregnant because I knew I would have to quit smoking for my baby and didn't want to or didn't think I would be able to. How sad and pathetic. I was lazy, lethargic, cloudy, forgetful, trapped, and dependent. I got out of a toxic relationship/environment and I got onto Kangen water. So you wanna know what does feel good? Drinking 2 glasses of Kangen water first thing in the morning and taking a handful of Enagic's Ukon supplement (that is their 100% organic Turmeric superfood grown in Japan with the Kangen water). Now I feel like SuperWoman every day in control of my life, my body, and my destiny.


Other benefits I (and many others) have personally noticed drinking the water: As many of you may know I workout almost every day (whether it's dancing, lifting weights, kickboxing, CrossFit, hiking/running, yoga, etc.) and I workout hard. I used to get cramps and extreme soreness in my muscles and it would take me out for a couple of days. I had to pop ibuprofen (which is acidic) and take Epsom salt baths, and suffer through until the pain went away. Little did I know that the Reverse Osmosis (purified/distilled) water I was drinking was actually leaching minerals from my body! I was losing salt, manganese, iron, fluoride, magnesium, calcium, and more because water has a memory and it will take those minerals from your body to return to its original state and you end up peeing them out (not to mention the water is acidic AND oxidative - the Japanese call it 'dead water' because it has no life left to it). So these mineral deficiencies led to cramping, more soreness, and malnutrition. However, Kangen water still has all those minerals as well as the powerful ability to help flush out the lactic acid buildup in your muscles from your workout. I can push so much harder at the gym every single day and never need a "recovery day" anymore. It's incredible! I don't wake up sore anymore. I also carry around a 50lb purse (I joke, but it is quite heavy) usually on my right shoulder. I was always getting cramps and pains on my right side in my neck and shoulder blade from carrying that purse. I haven't had one of those since I started drinking the water and taking the Ukon. Thank God.


Let's continue... I am sleeping better. This is a common side benefit of drinking the water. I fall asleep faster and stay asleep better. An ounce of the 11.5ph water actually helps release melatonin (the sleep hormone). My digestive issues have also dramatically decreased. No more constipation, tummy aches, cramping, and a lot less burping. If you knew me well or spent a lot of time with me the last 5 or so years you'd know I have had serious gastrointestinal issues. It was so bad I had to go to the doctor several times about it and she didn't have a clue why this was happening to me! You know what she prescribed me? An acid blocker. She thought I had too much stomach acid. Boy was she wrong! Two days of taking those pills and my symptoms were way worse! Those issues have MAJORLY subsided now since drinking the water. Do I still burp? Yes. Is it a terribly painful thing that has me laying in the fetal position on the ground and having to walk around to get the trapped gas out? Not anymore! 


My skin has also cleared up quite nicely. Smoother, brighter, softer, and just more hydrated folks. Acne blemishes have diminished. Fine lines, wrinkles, and large pores have diminished. I have a happy healthy glow all the time now. My hair is also softer and shinier, my nails grow faster and stronger, and my bowel movements have improved too. I have a bowel movement probably at least 3 if not 4 or 5 times a day and they're easy, normal, and healthy looking. TMI? I don't care! This is too good not to share! My overall sense of well being has increased dramatically. I have come from a place of darkness and I now live in a place of light. It may sound too good to be true, or a little Star Wars-ey, but it's the best way I can explain it. And I have heard from many MANY people that since drinking this water they have seen MASSIVE improvements with their fibromyalgia, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, thyroid, asthma, allergies, cholesterol, obesity, memory loss & aging, headaches/migraines, heart disease, gout, lupus, hypoglycemia, Parkinson's, etc etc. I mean the list goes on. We do not claim that this water cures anything, but what it does do is help bring your body back into balance, alignment, and homeostasis so you can heal yourself. It gives your immune system the best environment to do its job. 


Do understand folks that results vary and this is only one important piece of the puzzle. I also encourage eating a healthy diet full of whole, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables (soaked in the 11.5ph water to take off any oil-based pesticides, germicides, fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides, of course), nuts & seeds (sprouted if you can), whole grains (if you choose), organic meats (if you choose), healthy fats, minimal processed food, as well as getting exercise and movement, and maintaining a positive attitude. Surround yourself with positive, loving, supportive people and limit your time around negative ones and negative environments. This is another major change I have made in my life and it has been tremendous. I know it's not easy, but get ALL the toxins out. You don't have the time and energy to drown in it. You don't deserve that. The people in the Enagic business are on a whole other level that I have been jiving with every day finding happiness and purpose like never before. The "I can't," "I won't," "I shouldn't," "I'll never," "I'm not," self-talk is so unhealthy and dangerous for you. Find what makes you laugh. Find what brings you joy. Find your purpose. Find your why. And focus your energy and time there. 


Now, if you would like to know how to get your machine and benefit from this innovative and truly remarkable technology or if you want to try this water the company does have a 30 day return policy so if you are not satisfied with your machine (which RARELY happens), you can return it for a restocking fee. There are also water shares all over the country and the world so you can try to find someone who will share the water with you. Type into google search your area code or zip code and "Kangen Water" and see what distributors pop up. Ignore all the "Kangen Water Scam" articles. Those are mostly from our competitors who pay for those ads. I do however recommend getting a machine (whichever is best for you) and I'll help you every step of the way. I'm big into Facetime, Facebook time, Skype/Google Meet, Zoom, etc.  The machines all come with instructions, a setup kit, and a DVD as well. 


So please feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to know more or want help deciding on which machine to get, or want to know more about the Ukon or the Anespa shower spa (another amazing product that takes out the chemicals in the tap water and puts back in the amazing minerals from the Japanese hot springs! *Side note: Stop bathing and showering in chlorine!*)


There are several financing options (who likes $0 down and $50/month?) and if you have decent credit you can do what I did and put it on a new credit card and pay what works for you (and get your bonus miles/points/dollars)! Go to, check your credit score, apply for a new card (they'll have offers for you) with 0% interest for 15-21 months, and pay it off at your own rate! So let's chat... What are you waiting for?

Tristin Rupp
Distributor ID's: 1153487, 5511417, and 5511092



"Hi Tristin!


Here is my testimony on Kangen water -


The first thing I noticed after I started drinking Kangen water is my sense of smell and taste were heightened.  Then I started getting a water high - awesome to have such a cool feeling from only drinking water!  Within a couple of weeks, I noticed that my rosacea was improving and my acid reflux was getting better.  My teeth are also cleaner and my high blood pressure seems to be dropping - and the only thing I've changed is my water! I'm hoping to get off my meds for that soon or at least have the dosage reduced.  I have an overall feeling of wellness since I started drinking the water.  It really is amazing to realize that all of this comes just from drinking the right kind of water. Wow!!  Oh and I really love how clean my laundry is too! :)"

~Kirstin Lauer, NJ 11/04/18 (2 months in)


"I was familiar with Kangen water from my brother in law, who swears by it!  Gary had been getting it from various people for years!  When Tristin Rupp began discussing it, I knew it was time for me to find out more.  Tristin has dedicated herself to helping people get healthy through diet, exercise, and Kangen water. I was so anxious to get my machine and get started!  Oh, how easy Enagic makes it to install the machine with step by step instructions!  

And I love the water!  It tastes great and you feel wonderfully hydrated! I was nervous about detoxing, but had no adverse effects at all! Even my dogs are enjoying drinking it! They are older, and I was concerned about how they would adapt, but they are great & happy!  

I love how the beauty water makes my skin so soft!  It was almost unreal to think just water could do that!  Then I used the acidic water to clean my range top. It worked fantastically!  Tristin said next time to try the 11.5 to clean with instead!  It's a miracle the things you can do with all the water settings!  I am still playing around with it and learning tons of new things!  I can't wait to get the shower accessory, the Anespa, next!

When you think of how you can save money not having to buy toxic cleaning products to clean your home with, or bottled water anymore, it's just sooooo worth every penny of it!Thank you very much Tristin for reintroducing me to Kangen, and thank you Dan Edland for all your help with questions,  too! Oh, and one other thing, I have a lot of friends who drink from store bought plastic water bottles. That water is so very acidic, and tainted with chemicals that

leach from the plastic bottles.  Glass is all you can count on to be safe to hold your water in. Sometimes I feel urged to approach my friends and acquaintances when I see them drinking from plastic bottles... We need to become more bold that way. It truly could save a person's life..." 


~Judy Isler-Herrod, UT 11/13/18 (1 month in)


"I rented a Kangen water machine (SD501) almost 2 months ago.  In the beginning I went through a rough patch with the detox but as time went on and I kept receiving encouragement to not give up, I finally started seeing positive results.  I won’t lie, the detox was hard, the pain was off the charts some days, but it’s much, much better now. Do I still have pain – most definitely, but it’s more manageable. Do I still get frustrated, all the time, but the frustration is not because of the water, but more that now I’m anxious to see results faster. The thing is, for almost 50 years, my body has been slammed with toxins and things just don’t untangle themselves overnight. Patience is a virtue in this regard, and one that I need to remind myself of daily.
I have seen my skin clear up from eczema, it’s gone, completely.  I have had severe edema in my legs and feet for years. My doctor put me on a blood pressure medicine with a diuretic and nothing helped.  I took the meds daily for years and no change at all and I was scared that this was eventually going to cause more severe heart damage and possibly a stroke.  Then I started drinking more Kangen water, and all of a sudden, as odd as it was, adding MORE water to a body that was already bloated and caused my feet to look like balloons, suddenly started losing the water.  My feet and ankles actually have bones and veins in them – hadn’t seen them for years! My legs lost their redness and don’t hurt anymore when I touch them. My doctor told me last week he couldn’t figure it out but if this “fancy water” as he called it, works, then, by all means, keep going with it.  

Just this past weekend I experienced a toothache.  I called my doctor on Friday when it was starting to feel bad and was told to come in because he couldn’t just call in an antibiotic.  I refuse to pay $55 just to drive 20 miles and get a prescription when I already know the problem. I decided to try the 2.5 pH strong acidic water.  I soaked the tooth in it THREE times, that’s all, for about 5 minutes at a time. I tried the 11.5 pH at Tristin’s recommendation because it also acts as an anti-inflammatory.  I did that ONE time for 5 minutes. Today is Monday, November 12, 2018 – the pain is almost gone completely. There is still a slight sensitivity but I can bite down on it, I can drink cold or hot liquids and it doesn’t hurt now.  NO ANTIBIOTICS needed, did not spend a penny to use OTC remedies, I just used the water – and the pain and inflammation are gone, which means the infection has left the building! I have also used the strong acidic water of 2.5 pH for cleaning and disinfecting my home.  We had damage to our city water supply from Hurricane Michael (I live in south GA) and the water has been yellow or brown for weeks, very gross!  It would leave this weird film in our toilets and sinks, but every time I used the strong acidic water, it would disinfect and also get rid of that film.  I use the same thing to clean our dog/cat water fountains, to get the bio-film off that makes them feel slimy from their saliva. It gets that off on contact – no more bleach or other harsh chemicals around my beloved pets. My outside cats suffer from various ailments.  My Owen is a semi-feral cat, he has an auto-immune disorder called “Miliary Dermatitis” – he has cleared up almost completely in a matter of 7 weeks.  He’s also got another auto-immune disease called “stomatitis” which causes his gums to become severely inflamed and causes intense pain in his mouth. Since drinking the Kangen water at 9.0 pH, he has not had any episodes of pain in his mouth with the teeth he has remaining.  It truly is a miracle and saves me a ton of money on a vet bill and antibiotics for him. These are just a few examples of how Kangen water is working for me, my household and my pets.  I am a firm believer now that with a little bit of research, trial and error, Kangen water is the answer to our health issues, but also to just basic everyday tasks, such as pet care, cleaning and even cooking.  Please don’t be afraid to try this water – it will never harm you but will definitely enhance your life in ways you could never imagine."


~Karen Dueck, GA 11/12/18 (2 months in)

Addendum 1 month after having to return her loaner machine: "I had a Kangen water machine for awhile, had to let it go for now, but drinking bottled water, also has a "gas" taste to it now. It's disgusting! People, if you aren't drinking Kangen water, you obviously have no idea what crud is in your bottled water, but my own experience proves that it's not good, whatever it is. I use Sam's Club bottled "purified" water. It's nasty but it's all I've got for now, can't afford anything else. Do yourself a favor and try Kangen water for awhile, then go back and drink bottled or tap water and you'll see what we're talking about. Every time I wash a fruit or vegetable now with tap water, all I can think about is I'm washing people germs off and adding chemicals to this tomato because the chlorine injects itself right in there - so I'm trading one nasty thing for another. Ugh!
Another thing I want to add - I have fibromyalgia - a severe form of it and it's very debilitating. While I was on the Kangen water, the pain went from a 10, down to a 3 or 4 most days and I could function and get things done. I had more energy, slept better, and generally just felt better. Now I am without the water and the pain is worse than a 10. There is no opioid painkiller that knocks it out like the Kangen water did. I have tried OTC tylenol, prescription Vicodin and Tylenol #4 - the latter two are quite strong and they don't come close to touching the pain. It dulls it slightly but it's still there and still makes me nuts. I can't sleep, I can't get comfortable, I can't focus. You have no idea what a difference the water makes until you try it. I am doing everything I can to get my own machine now so I can go back to a healthier lifestyle where the pain is manageable (maybe if I had it longer it would have gone away completely), and my foods are cleaned and cooked in Kangen water only, ensuring we're getting the best out of every bite.
Stop sitting on the fence folks - find someone in your area that will share the water with you (Tristin can show you how) and try it for awhile. It's so worth it, I promise. I will stake my life on it. I am soooooooo incredibly thankful that I reached out to Tristin, who at the time was just part of 7th Ave band that I loved, and asked her about this "Kangen water". I never in a million years thought she would give me the time of day - but she did and she has become a dear friend, someone I trust and admire and her story and encouragement to try the water, changed everything for me. I will always be grateful to her for taking the time to talk to me about the water, for explaining everything in simple terms, and finding a way for me to try the water. It was so worth it, I have never regretted a single moment of that experience and will not rest until I have it back in my home."


"Hi to all SKEPTICS/WANNABE’S... I am writing a testimony of how much my husband and I are enjoying our KANGEN machine… like many of you, I’m sure, we were skeptical, ESPECIALLY my husband… famous sentences were, “I’m not spending that kind of money on a machine and that’s final!" However, we were happy for our daughter in her new adventure and I kept listening to her excitement of how this water changed so many feelings for her and was impressed on the education she was sharing... then the last week of Nov. she came to visit us in Phoenix and brought her machine, so we were able to actually experience drinking this water AND experience some other benefits as well… WOW… ok… water tastes so good and what fun to have so many other uses! So, we finally decided to buy the machine because we saw and felt the many uses... and my husband actually decided on buying the platinum even though it was a bit more expensive but looks really classy in our kitchen (we had the tubes installed below the sink). The Beauty Water (6.0ph water) feels so good on your skin, The Shine Water (4.5ph water) cleans windows/mirrors leaving no streaking. My husband has quit taking his ’heartburn pills’ as drinking a little Kangen Water (9.5ph water) before bedtime has helped with no more heartburn... and we are amazed at how the Strong Kangen Water (11.5ph water) cleans and degreases so many things… so many experiences everyday that surprise you, it's fun to try and learn….

Tristin Rupp has been very helpful in educating us and the passion she expels is intoxicating! So, consider a “new years present or valentine present” for yourself, your family, and enjoy the benefits!! We are so glad we decided to make the purchase and overcame our negative ignorant feelings!!!

~Cindy Rupp, AZ 02/05/19 (2 months in)

Additional testimony now 4 months in: I've had only 3 mild leg cramps since January and I used to get them once or twice a week and they were severe! The only thing I've changed is my water! Daddy used the 11.5 water on the car to remove some stains that the cleaners didn't/couldn't get and we spent $150 dollars on the carpet cleaners! What a waste! Should have just used Kangen water! Oh, and we love the taste of the water! Whenever we have to drink something else we notice it! And we're quite spoiled - the setup we had at our home in Phoenix was so convenient and so nice. We don't have our setup yet here in Mankato and I'm very upset! I need my Kangen water!" 


"It has been about two months since we purchased our Kangen water system. I am in love with it! I cannot believe that I had never heard of this before - thank you, Tristin, for introducing this system to me and my family!  


I, like so many people I’m sure, was a bit skeptical of the system at first. Tristin had a wealth of knowledge that she shared with us and we agreed to give the system a try. Fortunately, we were able to have a loaner for a few weeks. I was really sad when we had to give it up! I immediately felt more energized from the water, food tasted better, the water tasted so much better,. etc.  Within a short time of having to let the loaner go, we decided to purchase the system and I’m so incredly grateful that we did.  


Since our purchase, I have noticed a difference in my energy level again. I’m also able to sleep better and once again, the food we make for my family is cleaner and tastes better than ever. One thing that I’m doing now (and that I didn’t do enough when we had the loaner machine), is trying all the different waters for the incredible uses that they give. I have completely given up using disinfectants that are full of chemicals - it’s so

refreshing! I’ve also given up using dishwasher detergent for my dishwasher and am solely relying on the Kangen water - it’s amazing how clean and bright my dishes are! I’m no longer purchasing laundry detergent and am only using a small amount of soap flakes and the water as my laundry detergent - I don’t even have to add liquid fabric softener to my loads of laundry - it’s fantastic! When we first received our system, I decided to use the water to clean our coffee pot to see how quickly the water would help clean it. It was amazing how fast I was able to clean the coffee pot and I got so much junk out! I also used the water to scrub the dishwasher clean - I couldn’t believe how much build up and grime I was able to remove. There was a stain inside of a drawer that I couldn’t get out, no matter what I tried. Once we had the Kangen water, I was immediately able to remove the stain. We’ve also started to use the water to gargle, brush our teeth, as a makeup remover, etc. We have only touched the surface - the possibilites are truly endless!!


We recently went out of town for the first time after purchasing our system.  We intentionally didn’t take it with us - my husband and I wanted to see if our bodies would feel differently without the water. After a couple of days without the water, I noticed a strange rash on my face and I definitely felt more sluggish and not as hydrated. The same symptoms continued throughout our trip. Once I started drinking the water again, the rash on my face immediately started to disappear and my energy level increased. I don’t think I can ever leave home without it!  


Thank you, Tristin, for sharing everything you have with us and for supporting us all along the way.  This has been such a gift and I’m so extremely happy to be a part of this community!" 

~Lisa and Freddy Haase, WA 04/14/19 (2 months in)


"When our family first heard about Kangen water we had been drinking our tap water diligently for years. But we would notice that sometimes, and the times seemed to be increasing, it would smell very strongly of chlorine. The idea of drinking water that smells like a public swimming pool was less than appealing! This introduction led to more and more education on the topic of our drinking water. We were quite frankly shocked! Living in a first world country with running water seems like such a blessing, and it is, but we had also been living under the assumption that this was great quality water that we were purchasing every month. Not so…

According to we have 6 contaminants in our supplied water. This is certainly less than some areas of the country, but still not a great number. And again with the smell! We live in an area with lots of rainfall so that they’re consistently adding more chlorine to the water to disinfect it. We did a 2-week trial with one of Enagic’s water machines and instantly noticed a difference in the purity of the water. We could drink it and not recoil! This also allowed us the ability to drink a little more water than we had previously felt comfortable in drinking. Because we were not just using the filtered (“clean”) water, but the alkalized version, our bodies instantly started detoxing. Lots of digestive cleansing going on and I’ll leave it at that. Also, we noticed that our bodies

would often sweat it out at night – we suspected trying to rid us of more toxic junk. We transitioned into a machine of our own. We’ve been using it very consistently for 4 months and have also put chlorine filters on all the shower heads in the house. We’ve had a dramatic decrease in the amount of itchy, dry, irritated skin that several members of our family of 7 were experiencing. One of our children also experienced a break in their nighttime bedwetting episodes. My vision cleared and sharpened while my mental fog lifted. That was even within the first few days of starting with the Kangen water. My husband has seen a lot of his digestive issues subsiding. Cooking with the water, not just drinking it, has also been an adventure! Making oatmeal with the alkalized water is a completely different experience because you can see how strongly the water is able to be absorbed by the food. It’s nice to know that we’re not ruining our food quality with inferior hydration and that drinking more won’t be equivalent to poisoning more.

Now we’re definite Kangen converts. When we haven’t prepared and have to drink water from other sources, not only does it usually taste off, but we’re often left with tingly, burning lips. If we can help it, clean water for life!!"

~Emily and Alan Hoornstra, WA 05/05/19 (4 months in)

Jeff with Machine.jpg

"I was introduced to Kangen water at the end of last year, and at the time I wasn’t at all interested in changing the water that I drink, or even in the topic of water quality. Tristin arrived at our first rehearsal for the band we both now play in, and she brought with her a large jug of water made from her Kangen machine. I hadn’t asked her to bring it, and in fact I didn’t really even know what it was. Out of politeness, I thanked her and took the water, figuring if it really does what it claims to do, then it’s worth a try. Nothing stood out about it when I had my first taste of it, other than a very obvious lack of any taste. I actually considered this a good thing, because I generally consider any taste to water to be from unwanted contaminants. 


My major in college was chemistry, both graduate and undergraduate, so I understood water as the molecule H20. Although I knew that any actual sample of water obtained in the real world has many substances other than H2O in it, that the purer the water, the less taste it would have (given that water alone has no taste).


For the next several weeks, Tristin continued to bring over more Kangen water, and I continued to drink it

exclusively. At some point, while traveling, I went back to drinking my favorite bottled water, which was Aquafina (which I always considered the best because it also seemed to be nearly tasteless, and therefore supposedly “clean”). This time, however, I noticed a bit of an odd flavor to it that I couldn’t articulate. Perhaps I was tasting the plastic in the water for the first time. I mentioned this to Tristin, and she quickly asked me if I knew how alkaline (or conversely, acidic) Aquafina is, which obviously I didn’t. She encouraged me to look into the health effects associated with acidic water vs. alkaline water, and then gave me the stats on just how acidic my bottled water was. After some research, it became apparent that by drinking what used to be my favorite bottled water, I was substantially increasing the acidity of my body. She also demonstrated with a pH tester just how alkaline Kangen water is, and the difference was huge. I learned that the highly ionized water created by this machine creates a very healthy level of alkalinity for consumption, and it creates this alkalinity not by adding inorganic minerals, or chemicals really, (like so many bottled “alkaline waters” do), but by ionizing the water using electricity, which is the only real way of changing the pH of the water itself in a truly healthy, therapeutic way.


After several months of drinking Kangen water, I’ve not only enjoyed the taste of the water I drink, but have felt better, had better digestive health, and have become very acute at detecting water that is less pure (which my body finds quite displeasing now). I recently purchased the Platinum SD501 Kangen Water machine, and I drink water from it every day, all day long and I have become quite attune to when I am dehydrated versus hydrated. The feeling is substantially different to me now. I even take Kangen Water on the road with me, so as to ensure I get the best fluid in my system at all times.


I couldn’t be happier with Kangen water, and as a big-time skeptic of health products of any kind, I can honestly attest to the significant benefits of having this machine in my home. Thank you so much Tristin! You have converted this skeptic!"

~Jeff Heiser, WA 06/28/19 (6 months in)

Kris Bruns photo_edited.jpg

"I used the water for 3 short days, and I can honestly say that I felt a difference within 24 hours. A BIG problem that I have is that I'm addicted to Diet Pepsi. Drinking the water during those few days, I did NOT feel the craving for the Diet Pepsi. I was actually very shocked by this because of my very addictive need for the Diet Pepsi. I also felt different when waking up in the mornings. I felt like I had actually reached restful sleep, which is not something that I normally have. Sleep deprivation is very much a part of Fibromyalgia, so it is something that I deal with. I used a bit of the degreaser water on a couple of spots I had on the wall from the creosote of the excessive candle burning I used to do. I was AMAZED at how much it lifted the creosote off of the wall. I'm also still using the 2.5 water to brush my teeth and rinse out my mouth. There is definitely a difference in how my teeth and mouth feel. I can't really explain what the difference was (is) that I was feeling, but for those few days, I did feel differently. The drinking water does have a bit of an addictive effect that happened very, very quickly and that was very shocking to me. I'm genuinely missing the water for drinking. We do drink well water, and our well is actually pretty pure, but the Kangen water did have a very crisp taste to it, and a very refreshing taste to it. Many of the feelings that I was having during those 3-4 days I was drinking the water, I can honestly

say I felt different. I can't necessarily describe that different feeling, but I KNOW I felt different, and different in a GOOD way."


~Kris Bruns, MN April 2019 (3 days in)

Doug & Sara Zernechel Kangen Photo.jpg

Business Testimonial:

"After doing the research and listening to a presentation on the Kangen water machine, I purchased an SD501 Super. I was sold on the health benefits of the water, but I wanted to reap the rewards of what this machine could do for my professional cleaning business.  As our world is ever changing, I need to keep up with my customers needs. Initially I produced 11.5ph water to replace my high ph chemical product for cleaning carpets. I couldn’t believe it! No Way! It works! Not only does this eliminate dangerous chemicals from the cleaning process, but we were no longer inhaling toxic fumes. But the best part is the savings! I estimate I save over $8000/year just on the 11.5ph water. Additionally, I changed out many bottles of expensive glass cleaner with the 4.5ph water. Again, another money saver! And it’s JUST WATER! Now I must get to the very best part. As I was producing 11.5ph water, 2.5ph was washing down the drain. That was until March 2020. Covid19 reared its ugly head. Could it be this simple, just bottle the hypochlorous acid 2.5ph water and use it to sanitize places for my business? Yes! I now store my 11.5ph in a 60 gallon tank while I produce

approximately 80 gallons of 2.5ph per week. I apply the hypochlorous acid with an electrostatic gun to many establishments around Mankato.  I also supply many churches and businesses with sanitizing water to help combat Covid 19. To say that I am in love with my Super SD501 would be an understatement! I 100% believe in Kangen water! I am constantly finding new uses for the water. It’s a truly remarkable product."

~Doug Zernechel of Zerneclean Carpet Cleaning Services August 2020 (8 months in)

Home Testimonial:


"We bought our LeveLuk SD501 Platinum back in January 2020. We wanted our family to be healthier and reduce the amount of chemicals that we are exposed to. We’ve known Tristin Rupp as well as her family for many years. One day, Cindy (Tristin’s mom), started telling us about this healthier water called Kangen water. She told us that this water wasn’t just for drinking, but had other uses too. Cindy shared some of the water with us and started getting us interested. A short time later, we went to a presentation given by Tristin. During the presentation we really saw for ourselves just how amazing this machine and water was. This water could be used for so many different things. Besides drinking the 9.5ph water everyday we also use the 11.5ph water to clean our fruits and veggies more thoroughly, as well as wash our laundry with it. We no longer need to use laundry detergent with chemicals! We also clean and disinfect with the 2.5ph water, meaning we are no longer breathing in harsh chemicals there too! We are saving money and helping save our planet by not buying any more plastic water bottles or plastic cleaning containers as well.  We are so glad that we made this purchase and investment in our lives!"

~Doug and Sara Zernechel August 2020 (8 months in)


"Dear Tristin, 


Here is a brief testimonial about my experience with my LeveLuk SD501 Kangen water machine. I first heard about this product when I saw Tristin Rupp promoting softly on her social media pages. She would snap pictures with her blue water bottle with a big K on it and comment on how refreshed and hydrated she felt. Then I proceeded to watch her post about traveling when on tour and taking her machine along because she didn’t want to be without it. I thought “Wow that’s commitment to the company.” I though she was just really dedicated to the company, now keep in mind I have MLM history and know how many direct selling companies work so I really thought she was just working her sales pitch in a new way. I continued to watch from afar for about 2 years. During this time, I have literally spent thousands of dollars chasing health, with multiple supplements that only made my wallet skinny despite claims of being able to make me skinny. I spent over $1,000 in a yearly gym membership. When at this gym they had a machine that changed ph of the water and I started to drink the water from there and noticed a difference. But the gym didn’t try to educate me at all on it

but was just willing to provide it to us for consumption. So, I consumed and enjoyed and found success in my weight loss journey.


Then I had a roommate move out and my ability to afford my pricy gym membership vanished, as did my water supply. I continued my weight loss journey with constant ups and downs. With that comes the usual ups and downs in my emotional state.  One early morning in July of this year I was awake and just scrolling social media and came across Tristin’s YouTube video about the Kangen water. I watched both hours and immediately sent a message. Now keep in mind I never expected her to contact me back (she’s a celebrity in my mind, I’ve followed her career.) But she did!!  She spent a good day texting me and explaining everything to me from other features besides the drinking water. She explained cost and payment options and made me very comfortable with the investment that this would be. An investment I totally am thrilled I made!


I never loved drinking just water, so I had a variety of add-ins that had horrible chemicals and sugars in them, all under the label “healthy”. Prior to the machine I spent oodles of money on seltzer waters, so I had the soda fizz, but it was water, so it was healthy, right? After watching Tristin’s video, I realized the carbon dioxide is far from healthy. I have had this machine a little over a month and am in love with the water. The benefits are incredible. In the time that I have been drinking from my own machine I have lost about 10 lbs. I sleep better and my headaches have minimized. When I do get one, I have noticed that I go get a large drink of 9.0ph water and within a half hour or less my headache is gone. I have had so much fun exploring all the other benefits with the other ph’s as well. I removed almost all the chemicals in my house for cleaning and my house is clean, and kid and animal friendly. I have used the 2.5ph water to help control a tooth issue I have been dealing with. I am in need of a root canal and very recently it has started to pain me, I took the 2.5ph hypochlorous acid water and used it as mouthwash and put it in my water flosser and used it instead of regular sink water and I was amazed that the pain subsided and has stayed that way for the past two weeks. I talk and talk to anyone who will listen to me about this machine. I am excited for the opportunity to make money while helping others find the fun and vitality in this machine as well."

~Jennifer Thelen, WI 08/27/20 (1 month in)

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*There are several financing options available for as little as $50/month depending on your machine and for up to 60 months, depending on your approval. It's worth looking into for the health of you and your loved ones!*

Enagic's medical devices are the only ones (no competitor has these) with ISO certifications for use in hospitals (and restaurants) as medical grade equipment, WQA (water quality association) certification for achieving industry standards, and is a certified member of the Direct Selling Association! This is not a pyramid scheme folks. It's more like real estate with the opportunity to own and operate your own business. The whole machine is a tax write-off too!! 


And if you are interested in the business (the business of being your own boss helping people transform their lives and get healthy) or if you want to learn how you can get your machine for free let's talk about that too!...

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