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Seattle Zumba Fitness Instructor

Certified in Dance It Out and Zumba, Tristin has been teaching dance fitness classes since 2014. She loves motivating and inspiring her students to have fun and be the best version of themselves. Dancing has many health benefits including (but not limited to) increased muscular strength and endurance, increased aerobic fitness, weight management, stronger bones, better coordination, agility, and flexibility, improved balance, increased physical confidence, improved mental functioning, greater self-confidence & self-esteem, and an improved general and psychological well-being. Tristin prides herself on providing a safe, creative, and positive atmosphere for her and her students to take a break from the stresses of everyday life and focus on honoring their bodies with a great workout (that doesn't even really feel like a workout). Anyone and everyone is welcome to dance with Tristin and is greatly encouraged to do so. She always shows modifications and progressions to satisfy every fitness level. Follow her on social media for updates on class opportunities. However...

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Kaleah Corrin Pauley
July 3, 2017 "

I have no idea what to say or where to begin without sounding like a bumbling idiot so here goes!! My weight has been the story of my life up and down, sometimes I feel like it's a battle I'll never win! 


I have a lot of how do you put it... family drama!!! My 7 1/2  year relationship ended in Nov of last year 1 day shy of 8 years of emotional and mental abuse so for comfort I'd eat, I {also} worked at McDonald's during this time so fast food was my best friend!! I would hide snacks in my room chips, cookies, whatever I could smuggle into my bag without being noticed. I was pushing 300 pounds, a size 20 pants the heaviest I've ever been in my life!! My mother is a tiny thing, most of my family is on the skinny tall and lanky side!! Lol so you can imagine the comments I would get about my weight always under the microscope....


Food became that comfort I sought after my brother in law passed away from an absurd amount of alcohol in his system, then finding out that my biological father who abandoned me at 18 months old had passed away in 2015 I never had the chance to know him or ask the questions why? Did you search for me? Etc.. I was so angry at God, he had to have been punishing me for something. I thought the world was against me and I became so depressed and lost in my own dark world.


Then one day surfing through YouTube as I enjoy doing looking for new music or a funny video, I heard it, "Movin on," I'm sure you know it's author, and the words really resignated with me. The more I just sat and listened I cried a river , ok my life isn't perfect, my job isn't glamorous, but I shouldn't let those things hold me back from living. God broke me in that moment!! I learned about Tristin's fitness page through following her band, 7th Ave. I watched one to see what it was all about and I saw 2 silly normal girls just like me making staying and getting into shape fun!!! Mind you I am far from being a dancer but dance I did!! The weight has since then come off although it still goes up and down more than I like! Lol but I've gone from a size 20 to a size 12 petite in a year!! I still have work to do as far as toning up and learning to keep the weight off but as soon as I let go of the negative things and people, I became a new person!! I hope you know that Tristin is an amazing lady inside and out!! I enjoy her videos both fitness and music. Girl can sang!! Lol I have a very bad southern accent so I am apologizing if any of this sounds rambled or too country! I have Tristin and that oh so amazing handsome brother of hers to thank for giving me life again. I feel in control of me!! Something I haven't had in awhile! I continue to watch her to this day. And use small weights for getting the guns in shape and try to eat better. 

I haven't had an asthma attack in months, and no more steroids every day to keep my symptoms at bay. I still take my allergy meds to keep triggers anchored. Off to bed now it's almost 2 am, thank you all so much for listening!!



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